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FAQ About Blackout Curtains

Aug. 11, 2021

The great thing about blackout curtains is their ability to block light from entering the room. This is important for young children and people who work night shifts. It can be difficult to sleep during the day due to sun exposure; however, blackout curtains can block up to 99% of the sunlight from entering the room. People who work night shifts are at risk for health problems due to irregular sleeping habits. Switching to blackout curtains for the bedroom can reduce health risks by creating a nighttime ambiance.


Or, blackout curtains are perfect for creating the total darkness you want in your TV/movie room. They will block out any light that could ruin your home theater movie night. It's important to make sure they are large enough when purchasing blackout curtains so that they completely cover your windows from top to bottom.

Blackout Curtain

 Blackout Curtain

Another benefit of blackout curtains is their ability to reduce your energy costs. In most homes, 10-25% of heat loss comes from windows. However, with blackout shades, you can reduce your energy costs by up to 25%. In the winter, blackout shades will help keep heat out of a room. In the summer, they reflect heat out of the room. In both cases, you can be sure to save money on your energy bills.


Blackout curtains provide an amazing difference to any room and are a worthwhile investment. Before purchasing blackout curtains, take the time to research reviews of any blackout curtains you are considering to make sure they will meet your needs.


Frequently asked questions about blackout curtains

Do blackout curtains really work?

As the name implies, blackout curtains are fabric panels that block all light from entering the room. They are one of the most effective ways to ensure you get the best sleep possible. But their benefits go beyond helping you sleep-they can actually reduce energy costs by reducing the hot sunlight that can heat up your house.


In addition, they can protect furniture and floors from excessive sunlight and UV exposure. In this case, they are a more affordable alternative to energy-efficient blinds. Blackout blinds are also ideal for people who equip entertainment or movie rooms, or even photographers who create dark rooms. Blackout blinds and shades can also be very effective at blocking out unwanted daylight.

Blackout Curtain

 Blackout Curtain

What should I look for in blackout curtains?

The best blackout curtains are effective. Many curtains, blinds and shades sold in blackout form do not eliminate all of the light entering your home, but only filter out a small percentage of it. High quality blackout shades are designed to reduce the amount of light that can enter a space like a seam, have a completely opaque fabric, and reduce heat.


What is the difference between room darkening and blackout curtains?

Unlike blackout shades, room darkening shades allow the least amount of sunlight to pass through. This is a good option if you do not want total darkness during the day. Depending on the type of fabric used, shades allow a certain amount of light to enter. Opaque fabrics used for blackout curtains eliminate almost all incoming light.


What is the difference between thermal curtains and blackout curtains?

The primary purpose of thermal curtains is to insulate. Unlike blackout curtains, they go a step further by building acrylic foam insulation between multiple layers of fabric. This effectively reduces more noise and draws hot air in and cool air out (and vice versa). Blackout shades are designed to block the entry of outdoor light only.

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