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The Benefits of Dining Room Tablecloths

Sep. 29, 2021

In the age of pop-up restaurants, deconstructed food, excess and quirky table settings, is there room for the humble table cloth on a restaurant table? Tablecloths have long been a symbol of elegant dining. The clean white table cloth - rustic and almost sacred - has long been the distinguishing detail that separates good restaurants, fine dining and serious restaurants from non-restaurants. Then, in the interests of organicism and minimalism, the bare table became edgy and the tablecloth was relegated to a relic best suited to the old and forgotten restaurant.

But now, the restaurant industry is bringing back table cloths. And we can see why! The traditional tablecloth brings something to the table that cannot be ignored.


For restaurant tablecloths

If you're sceptical about the whole table cloth issue, we have some very valid reasons - the benefits - that might make you consider bringing them back to your table.


 - Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your dining room. Although the initial tablecloths may be unassuming, these fabrics are steeped in fine dining tradition. Used properly and strategically, tablecloths can take your dining room to the next level.


 - Offering a wide range of options for seasonal décor Tablecloths move with the seasons more easily than any other restaurant décor. A simple switch in the palette can mark a new season, a new management or an experimental new look. Have we told you that aesthetic upgrades are much cheaper than brand new furniture and interiors?

New Trend Gingham Cotton and Linen Table Cloth For Restaurant

 New Trend Gingham Cotton and Linen Table Cloth For Restaurant

 - Protect your furniture. Bare tables are really popular until you have to pay to refurbish and repair your poor hardwood and vinyl because of wear and tear. Tablecloths are a neat, not to mention inexpensive, way to make the most of your investment in your table.  


 - It helps to create a more positive dining experience. A study into the impact of tablecloth use on restaurant tables has found that diners have a more preferable, overall experience when they serve food on a table than those without a tablecloth covering it. The survey was conducted in a controlled group study and the results showed that diners surveyed perceived better service and a better atmosphere when they were served at tables with tablecloths rather than bare tables.


 - Reduced noise levels. In terms of restaurant acoustics, best table cloths serve a functional purpose. The softness of the fabric provides cushioning that absorbs the noise generated when hard table tops come into contact with each other and with various silver and glassware. More importantly, however, the tablecloth "absorbs" some of the noise from within the walls of the restaurant. Sound is only reflected back from a solid table, while a soft tablecloth 'dampens' the sound waves and reduces the surrounding noise. Who wouldn't want to dine in a restaurant where diners can actually hear each other over the conversation?


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