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What is The Best Table Cloth To Use?

May. 13, 2021

A recent study has shown that a nicely decorated table, tablecloth can actually make your food taste better. Backyard picnics, afternoon tea time on the patio, weekend breakfasts or formal dinners all feel more special and elegant when paired with a clean, crisp linen table cloth, napkins and a runner.

Here are our tips on how to choose the right table cloth. Next, the table cloth supplier will share the following content with you.


The key to a beautiful and functional table setting is quality. Since tablecloths need to withstand spills, stains and frequent washing, you need a high-quality fabric that won't fall apart or become worn out after the second wash. Table cloths are an investment - you're not only paying for a cloth, but also for the mood, beauty and special feeling that comes with a carefully considered table setting.

What material should my tablecloth be made of?

Because they are strong and absorbent, we recommend cotton and linen. While they do require ironing, they are durable and have the most luxurious feel and look.


For easy care, we offer a line of high-quality, easy-care tablecloths with stain or wrinkle-resistant properties.

Linen Table Cloth


Why use a linen tablecloth?

Ideally, tablecloths should be made of soft, natural fibers, such as linen or cotton. You can buy synthetic ones, but they have a poorer feel and overall impression. Pure linen is the best for sun ins and the most photo-worthy tables, and it feels amazing against your skin when you wipe, tap and clean it.


Tablecloths made from linen are highly absorbent and long-lasting, making them a potentially sustainable family heirloom. Unlike synthetic fibers, linen does not brighten under the heat of an iron and gets better with each wash. Linen and Egyptian cotton are widely considered to be the best materials for tablecloths due to their long and durable fibers.


After choosing a fabric, consider the color of the tablecloth and other table linens. If you want a more formal look, choose a plain white, off-white or ivory tablecloth. If you want to add some color to your table, choose a set of colors that match your home's decor but won't overwhelm it. Coordinate with the color of your crockery, or choose shades that can be picked out from wall or drapery colors for linens. The easiest option is to purchase tablecloths in pastel colors and a few sets of napkins. This way, you can mix and match depending on the season and occasion.


Linen tablecloths bring an elegant yet eclectic and welcoming look to any table, making even the most ordinary dinner or breakfast feel special.

What should I look for in fine linen?

Quality linens are characterized by a combination of fine materials, expert construction, fine workmanship and design. Most fine linens are made of linen or cotton because they are durable, absorbent and soft.


What is the difference between linen and cotton?

Linen and cotton are both natural fibers. Linen comes from the flax plant, which grows in the cooler climates of Western and Northern Europe. Cotton comes from the cotton plant, which grows in hot, humid climates around the world. Both fabrics are highly absorbent, durable, and will become softer with use.


However, there are some subtle differences. Linen feels lighter and fresher, and becomes whiter with use. It is also highly absorbent and lint-free. Cotton feels stronger and will shrink more than linen.

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